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I help organizations expand their reach and capacity by managing short and long-term projects. Whether it's the big picture, strategy work of program development, or the granular details of event planning,

I work to collaboratively establish concrete project goals, action plans and timelines to ensure success.

Meetings can be fun, creative and productive. I support groups to have strategic and collaborative conversations that surface the wisdom already in the room. Graphic recording, or visual notetaking, makes ideas visible, illuminates connections, and supports groups to act on their best ideas.


I work with clients to meet their graphic communication needs using a variety of tools:


  • Facilitating & recording live during meetings   

  • Creating graphic maps to help them communicate their vision

  • Creating templates for their independent use

  • Synthesizing meeting content post-event into graphic records 

  • Training and coaching staff to integrate recording into their organization’s meeting practice 

Organizations that keep the people they serve at the center of their decision-making learn from clients' experiences to solve for the right problems and drive service design.

I believe the people closest to the pain in our communities are often closest to potential solutions.


I work with groups, organizations and businesses to authentically engage stakeholders to plan for and implement organizational improvements.

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